“Helidona” (Swallow) semicircular

  • “Helidona” (Swallow) semicircular

“Helidona” (Swallow) semicircular


Wooden “helidona”, copy from the BPF collection

The coming of the spring is celebrated in Greece in many ways. Outstanding among them is the “swallow-carolling” that takes place on the first of March, the first day of the spring according to the Greek folk calendar. It is a custom we encounter in many parts of the country: in the islands, in Thessaly, in Thrace, among the refugees from Eastern Romelia, and elsewhere. On the morning of the first of March, groups of children go from house to house holding the “helidona” and singing –in the various local versions– the following song:

Swiftly flies the swallow here,

from the Black Sea far away,

over the foaming waves she flew

came and sat and thus did sing:

Thrifty housewife, mistress fair,

come now to your pantry door,

bring us eggs, two dozen pair

fifty ells of rope, or more,

for to tie up Master March,

tie the little rogue up tight

If you have no eggs to spare

we will take the breeding hen

she will lay us eggs galore

and her little chicks will lead

(Aeani, Kozani, Macedonia, Greece)

Code: ΧΕΛΙ0102

  • Height: 28 cm

    Weight: 500 gr.